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Himalayan Salt for Athlete's Foot

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Tinea Pedis also is known as Athlete’s foot is a skin infection caused by the growth of a fungus called dermatophytes. It is named as Athlete’s foot because it affects people whose feet get wet and sweaty most of the time, and its commonly seen in athletes. But this skin ailment can also affect any normal person. It is a contagious foot infection and is found in warm or moist environments. It is contracted in public areas where your feet come into contact with people such as public changing areas, bathrooms, hotel rooms, locker rooms, and public swimming pools, etc.

The athlete’s foot is very common in young men. It is said that men are more likely to wear trainers and they often play football or other sports. So, they stay with sweaty feet all day and. But women can also get affected by this infection especially sportswomen. The athlete’s feet can be transmitted to players in changing rooms or through sharing towels. Furthermore, it is caught through direct contact with an infected person or touching anything contaminated by fungus.

Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot

→ Irritation and rash

→ Cracked skin

→ Redness and bleeding

→ Itching and burning

→ Pain while walking

→ Dryness

→ toenails turn yellowish or become dry

→ Blistering (if the infection gets worse)

→ Peeling skin on your toes or soles of your feet.

→ toenails getting pulled away from the nail bed

Himalayan Salt for Natural Healing

Himalayan Hand and Foot Dome Detox and Himalayan Salt Brick

Salt has long been used to heal infection and treating diseases all over the world. If someone is dealing with this itching infection then they should use Himalayan salt for holistic healing of their feet. Himalayan salt is the pink salt that is harvested from the Himalaya near regions in Punjab, Pakistan. Himalayan salt is considered as the purest of form salt in the world. It is being used for treating many known diseases and allergies that affect your health badly. The athlete’s feet can be quickly and naturally cured with Himalayan salt. Take sole water made of saturated water of Himalayan salt to stop the fungus from spreading. It will regenerate the skin and fight with fungus, bacteria, and viruses.

How to use Sole Water?

Drink at least 1tps of sole water in a glass of water every morning before eating anything. Wash your feet with some water. Lightly dry your feet with a towel without rubbing it. If your skin is unopened then apply pure sole on your fungus feet and let it be absorbed into the skin. You can use Himalayan crystal salt in warm water adding some apple cider vinegar. Mix it well and use it for treating athlete’s foot. Apple cider vinegar is a powerful liquid that is was used for medication back in ancient times. It is beneficial because of its plethora of natural acids that have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties.

How to stay safe from Athlete’s Foot?

Anyone can get affected by fungus and get athlete’s foot, but some precautions can help you from catching this infection. These precautions are:

→ Do not move barefoot in public places, locker rooms, washrooms, and swimming pools.

→ Do not share your socks, shoes or towels with an infected person

→ Try not to wear tight or closed toes shoes.

→ Do not keep your feet wet for a long time.

→ Do not let your feet stay sweaty.

→ Be safe from having any injury on the nail or skin of your foot.


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