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They are Beautiful Decorative Lamps - From The Salt Of The Earth

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Lady with lamps
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Himalayan Salt Lamps for Spiritualism
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Himalayan Salt Lamps can be one of the most unique gift ideas of the season as they are useful, thoughtful and beautiful.  These popular stylish lamps make any room in the home, office space or a spa look great. 


Himalayan Salt Lamps make great gifts for a boss, secretary, family, friends, neighbors, birthdays, holidays, graduation, and even as a housewarming gift.  


Millions of people are using these beautiful stylish lamps for its health properties and wellness benefits. Benefits of Himalayan salt lamps are countless;

Some Benefits At A Glance


Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt famously known as pink salt is rock salt that is made from Himalayan salt crystals harvested from the near area of the Himalayan mountains, often in Pakistan. It is famous because of its orange-pinkish color. Himalayan salt is considered as one the purest form of salt that is available with all the traces of minerals, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and rust. Now, this salt is being used to make lamps, these lamps are called Himalayan salt lamps. These salt lamps are molded into an attractive shape with the space to put a light bulb or heat lamp in it. Salt is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammable, and anti-fungal that is why it is used for therapies and other treatments. Salt reduces the symptoms of many allergies, disorders, and diseases. Moreover, it oxygenates your brain, improves the immune system. Salt is widely used for natural healing for many problems.

 Himalayan salt lamps are world widely famous for its beautiful shapes, and color. It is decorative and beneficial for your room environment. Himalayan salt lamps are aesthetic interior decorations that you can keep at your home. It is unique and attractive. Furthermore, it is beneficial in enormous ways. Salt lamps are a natural source of light. The Himalayan salt lamp has a light source in them, the salt produces negative ions which have positive effects on the indoor atmosphere. According to studies, the negative ions increase cilia (fine hairs on windpipe) activity and improves cilia activity. Positive ions reduce oxygen supply and lead to irregular sleep patterns. Keeping Himalayan salt lamps helps you to wipe out the positive ions and emit negative ions that give you more energy and better sleep to the people suffering from a sleep aid. Certainly, its holistic healing way is one of the best-known natural cures.

A salt lamp improves the environment and provides health benefits. The devices we use in our everyday life such as televisions, mobile phones, computers, laptops, and tablets release positive ions into the air environment. Moreover, these devices and other electronics cause extreme electromagnetic radiation (EM). These radiations are invisible but leave long-term effects on your natural health. These effects may result in fatigue, more stress and anxiety, weak immune system, and other problems. Himalayan salt lamps work as a stress reliever that gives you calmness and stress relief. Moreover, they provide a feeling of happiness by boosting neurotransmitter serotonin and improves mood and energy levels. It gives holistic healing to the patient of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), depression, and insomnia.

Salt reduces the symptoms of many allergies and diseases. A few of these symptoms include coughing, cold, reddened skin, irritation, etc. It is a natural cure for so many problems you might be having in your physical or mental health. Besides this, Himalayan salt lamps have some spiritual benefits too. Many holistic practitioners admire the presence of salt lamps and rocks. Now, lamps are believed to be a wonderful and holistic tool for spirituality and bringing peace to your inner self and your home. Cave and Spa provide Himalayan salt lamps in many unique shapes. You can grab one of these artistic salt lamps. Himalayan salt lamps are one of the best lamps that not only glow the room with its soft light but also peaceful and beneficial for your holistic health.

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