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About US

About Us:

Natural Living by Design is a certified minority and female family owned and operated supplier. Our headquarters is located in Detroit, MI. We were founded out of a pure passion to promote good health by offering natural products to people around the world. ​ We are a supplier of Natural Deodorant, Liquid Herbal Extract Supplements, powders and natural syrups.


Our product collection ranges from liquid herbal extract supplements, 100% natural multipurpose whole body deodorant mist spray, edible pink salt, authentic natural salt lamps, as well as health and beauty products. We can supply products to customers and businesses around the world. Our Himalayan salt products are authentic, and their origin originated in Pakistan. ​

Our Vision:

To make this world a better place by promoting natural healthy products that makes people happy and feel good. ​


Our ultimate vision is to create thousands of jobs in the city of Detroit. Currently, Detroit is one of the cities that lead the nation in poverty, crime, murder, gun violence, and recidivism. We hope to change this by providing great job opportunities with good wages to the citizens of Detroit so that they can take care of their families with dignity and with pride. ​


OUR MOTTO: Being successful is not a “Solo Act”, you need a team of liked minded individuals to get the desired results. ​ Natural Living by Design has strategically selected an alliance of partners that are experts/masters in the industry of importing and exporting Himalayan salt across the world. These relationships allow us to stay focused on excellence, quality, great customer service, offer best prices and on time delivery.


OUR PLEDGE: We pledge to meet and exceed customer satisfaction by adhering to the highest standards and regulatory requirements. We are committed to quality and continuous improvement in systems performances, understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of all customers and employees. We are dedicated to improving and search for excellence in everything from the manufacturing process to product quality control and to effective support services. ​ Our goals, ambitions, inspirations and team spirit have come together to promote good health and to form a truly amazing company that all of us are proud of.

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Natural Living By Design has partnered with one of the leading manufacturers for Himalayan salt products into Pakistan and the biggest wholesaler into China. Our partner has 2 factories and a head office.

Factory 1 is very convenient for getting the salt stones from mines faster than anyone else. They only collect the high quality stones with their skilled and professional team.


Factory 2 is very convenient for receiving and holding bulk quantity shipments from factory 1, so at the time of shipment transport there is no hassle to catch the vessel.  So it is a WIN, WIN situation for us and for your business. On time delivery to the USA and other locations is not a concern. ​


Our partnered manufacturer is ISO 9001:2015 certified company with holding FDA, KOSHER, GMP, HACCP & HALAL certificates. ​



Natural Living By Design is confident that we have partnered with one of the best manufacturing producers for Himalayan Salt products in Pakistan.  We both share a passion to always strive for excellence and to be a leading entity in product quality assurance every time, and focus on the end goal of customer satisfaction and on time delivery.


Our customers appreciate the premium quality, low prices and authenticity of all our Himalayan Products. We wouldn't be able to offer these amazing products  without the team of prideful hard workers, mining experts collecting quality raw material, machine production experts, and the skilled hand crafted artist with their innovative ideas. ​ Don't just take our word for it, try our premium quality products TODAY!

Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we offer.

Have a GREAT day on PURPOSE!

  The History of Pink Himalayan Salt

Scientific Names:   Mineral Halite or Pink Halite

Common Names:   Pink Himalayan Salt

Other Names:  Himalayan Crystal Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt, Pink Salt, Rock Salt ​



Himalayan sea salt has a fascinating history. Himalayan salt is estimated to have formed over 300 million years ago during the Jurassic era. It is found preserved naturally within the Himalayan Mountains. The crystalized sea-beds where this salt is mined by hand was once covered by lava. The salt remained buried under snow and ice for millennia, preventing toxins and other pollutants from reaching the salt. ​


Remember Alexander the Great, the ruler famous for conquering half of the world? Well, Himalayan salt is said to have been discovered around 326 BC by Alexander the Great’s horses. Alexander was passing through the region of Khewra in Pakistan and stopped to rest. One of the soldiers noticed the horses kept licking the rocks near the resting place. The soldier tried it for himself and found the rocks to be salty. This is how Himalayan salt was discovered. ​


The Khewra salt mine is the most talked about salt mine; and is the world's second largest salt mine in Pakistan. Because it is in Khewra, Pakistan, it belongs to the Jhelum District, Punjab region in Pakistan. This mine is located near the foothills of the Himalayas ranging about 125 miles (200km) from Islamabad and Lahore within a mineral rich mountain extending throughout Pakistan from the Jhelum River to where it joins the Indus River. The Khewra salt mine is definitely a must-visit place in Pakistan. ​


Today, Himalayan salt is considered the purest and healthiest salt on earth. There are no two crystals exactly alike. The Himalayan pink and white salt crystals sparkle like diamonds attesting to their natural purity. This natural salt contains over 84 trace minerals, including all those known to be essential for good health and vitality for the functioning of the human body. For example, Himalayan Rock Salt contains minerals such as: ​

  1. Calcium

  2. Magnesium ​

  3. Potassium ​

  4. Sulpher 


Food grade salts and other sea salts do not contain all the minerals present in Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt is not processed with chemicals; and does not contain preservatives or additives. The unique sparkling crystals of Himalayan salt offers the perfect salt condiment for gourmet cooking; and it offers a clean pure taste that enhances the natural favor of food. In the U.S., Himalayan Pink Salt has become popular in a variety of uses from cooking to spa treatments and medical uses. ​


Do You Know

 Around 200 million years ago, crystallized sea-salt beds in the Himalayas were drowned in lava. The salt remained buried under snow and ice for millennia, which protected it from our modern-day pollution. Now it is unprocessed, unrefined, and mined by hand, making Himalayan salt one of the purest salts on earth. In the U.S., Himalayan Pink Salt has become popular in a variety of uses, from cooking to spa treatments and medical uses. ​ ​ ​



Elexis W

Your Himalayan Lamps have been a great addition to my candle business. Our candle sales have increased.  People are raving over our candles and people are saying your lamps are the real deal. 

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