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Day 2 of 5 Fitness Challenge: 🏋️ GET UP AND WALK...🚶🚶🚶

Welcome to Day 2 of the Get Moving Challenge. Wasn’t yesterday awesome? We talked about the power of small, incremental habits.

Today we’re going to be implementing a small habit - walking. 🚶‍♀️


We’re going to start with the basic - simply moving. We’re going to get off the couch, get some blood flowing through our veins and stretch our muscles.

Remember, this isn’t about how fit you are. For some, walking might be no problem, while for others it may be totally exhausting.

We’re going to cater this exercise to YOU.

I want you to feel EMPOWERED,💪 like you can really do this on a regular basis.

If it’s too overwhelming, you won’t do it, and that defeats the point. So you’re going to start small today. Nice and easy. And you’re going to make this a regular part of your life.

Got it? You can do this!


Today you’re going to walk for 5 minutes. If that’s not a problem, walk for 10 minutes. You want to determine an amount that feels doable and easily repeatable. If you’re more of the jogging type, you can jog instead. 🏃


You’re going to repeat this again and again.

Now get up and get to it. Go walk. As you’re walking, pay attention to how you feel. Are you tired? Out of breath? Energized?

Make sure set your time and length appropriately.

Also, think about how you can implement this on a regular basis in your life. Can you walk for five minutes in the morning? At lunch? After you drop the kids off at school? How can you make this a tiny habit?

Before we dive in tomorrow, share your experience in the comments. Was it hard? Can you see yourself doing it again?

Tomorrow we’re going to be doing a few pushups and sit ups. Don’t worry, YOU CAN DO IT!


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