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Stop...🛑 Sabotaging Your WEIGHT LOSS🤭

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Here are some helpful tips to notice when you're self-sabotaging your efforts to lose weight.

If you can identify with this list, then remember: "Progress...Not Perfection."


Sabotage: You deprive yourself of enjoyable foods, then give in and overeat them.

Antidote: The issue of ‘forbidden fruit’ applies here. Stop labeling foods as good or bad. Eat food you enjoy in small quantities. Otherwise, you will crave the foods you deprive yourself of and binge on them later.

Sabotage: You give in and eat the high-fat foods that your family eats.

Antidote: Clean up the diet of the whole family by decreasing the fat in the foods everyone likes. Another tip: Put leftovers in the fridge or freezer before you eat to prevent seconds.

Sabotage: You skip breakfast.


Antidote: Develop some fast and easy breakfast meals. Protein bars or shakes may be a good substitute, but skipping breakfast is a set up for overeating later in the day or eating unhealthy, fast foods for a pick-me-up.