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Protecting Your Health and Your Heart 💞from Relationship👩‍❤️‍👨 Weight Gain...😮

Do You See Yourself In This Picture?

Relationship weight gain can put a strain on both your health and your love life. Studies show that women tend to gain weight when they marry💍 and men tend to gain weight when they divorce.💔 These are some methods for protecting your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Taking Care of Your Health 🩺

1. Adjust your portions.🍴 On average, women need about 500 calories a day less than men due to their lower muscle mass and body size. When you split a dessert, 🍰take just a few spoonfuls. Drink lots of water🥤to suppress your appetite naturally.


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2. Assemble your own plate.🍽️ Go ahead and eat together. Serve food in platters on the table so you can dish out your own meal. Take a generous pile of salad greens,🥗 but go easy on the mashed potatoes. 🥔

3. Eat more slowly.🐢 Eating at a leisurely pace will help you feel full on fewer calories. You can still spend time with your partner and avoid putting on weight.


4. Work out together. 🏋️‍♂️ There's more to life than mealtime. Share activities like long walks through the park or skiing vacations. Sign up for a family membership at your local gym.