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Day 4 of 5 Fitness Challenge: 🏋️BODYWEIGHT SQUATS

Welcome to day 4 of the Get Moving Challenge. How did the push ups and sit ups go for you yesterday? Have you been implementing walking into your life? How’s that going? Today we’re going to be doing some bodyweight squats.


Bodyweight squats are a simple, easy exercise for developing your quadriceps and glutes. And the good news is that you don’t need any special weights when doing bodyweight squats.

Like always, we’re going to start small. It’s about building those tiny habits again and again.

To do a squat:

• Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. You can place your hands behind your head or out in front of you. This will be your starting position.

• Begin the movement by flexing your knees and hips, sitting back with your hips.

• Continue down to full depth if you are able, and quickly reverse the motion until you return to the starting position. As you squat, keep your head and chest up and push your knees out.


Time to actually do those squats. Do a comfortable amount that pushes you a little bit. Don’t overdo it.

You should feel it primarily working your quadriceps and your glutes.

Start about by doing 5. If that’s too easy, do 10. If that’s too hard, do 3. Find that amount that works just right for you.

After you’ve done your squats, do your push ups and sit ups. It’s all about stacking these little habits on top of each other.

Tomorrow is the final day of the challenge! Wow. We’re going to be doing the plank! Until then, leave a comment. How did this go for you? Was it difficult?🤔 #NaturalLivingbyDesign #HealthandFitness #Exercises #Squats #BodyWeight #EveryDay #WorkOut #NewYearNewYou