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Personal Reflection Exercises...🤔

My expectations come with their own eraser, ✏️ so I can always make changes at will.

I strive to set fair expectations for myself. If I am working my hardest and still feel far off from my goals, I do not worry. I simply revise my plan. 📝

If I work half-heartedly and procrastinate, yet I still meet my expectations, then I know it's time to push myself a little harder.

I make changes when I feel like I am stuck in a rut. I make changes when I need to spice up my life. As I learn and grow, there are new things that I want to pursue. My expectations reflect who I want to be.

Because nothing is set in stone,🧗‍♂️ I reflect often and evaluate the path of my life. I have the power to change the direction🧭 of my steps at any moment.

As I mature, I allow myself to make changes to my goals. When I erase something from my plans, I leave it behind me. I refrain from second guessing.🤔

There are things beyond my control that may influence my ability to meet the expectations I have set for myself. When this happens, I am accommodating. As long as I arrive at my desired destination under good means, I do not obsess about how I get there. 🛣️

I have an attitude of forgiveness toward myself. I treat myself with the same compassion that I treat others. I give myself room to be creative and spontaneous. If I find that I am striving for something simply because of societal norms, I immediately wipe it from my list of expectations.

Expectations are not rigid laws that I must live by. Expectations are in my life as checkpoints to guide me in my journey.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I set fair expectations for myself?

2. Are there goals that need revising?

3. When was the last time I evaluated the direction of my steps?

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