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I am a gentle and loving 💓 caregiver🤗

Kudos 👍 to those first responders who are in the trenches of patient care 24/7 at their jobs.

A second round of applause go to the caregivers in the families that are caring for their elderly 👴 parents or aging loved ones. This Affirmation is for YOU...

I take good care of myself and others. When someone needs my compassion or a shoulder to lean on, I give those things freely. For myself and for others, I am a gentle and loving caregiver. 💕

My supply of love 💖 and compassion is constantly growing because it comes from the source of all things. Therefore, I always have something to offer when others are in need.

My friends and family 👪come to me when they need someone to care for them because they know I am overflowing with abundant love.

If someone I care for has challenges in asking for what they want or need, I listen closely to my intuitive sense of what’s right for them. Then, I ask them if my perception of their needs is accurate. Usually it is, and when I have confirmed that, then I give them all the love and care they want.


With all the resources available to me, I find myself with endless patience and compassion. This is especially true in regards to myself.

I am my own best advocate, so treating myself kindly is critical to my well-being. Therefore, I extend my gentleness and kindness not only to others, but also to myself.


Today, I commit to taking every opportunity to be good to myself and others. I am gentle and kind to all beings, and I take good care of those in my life. Daily, I look into my heart daily for new ways to extend loving caregiving to those in need. 🤝

Self-Reflection Questions:


1. How do I show love and compassion to my family?

2. Is there a person in my life who could benefit from more gentleness from me?

3. How can I go about showing kindness to that person today?

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