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Healthy Relationship IQ Test

Respond to the following:

1. It is normal for people in committed relationships to have their own interests. True / False

2. Positive interactions are the key to successful relationships. True / False

3. It is good to spend some time with friends and maintain healthy social connections when in a committed relationship. True / False

4. It is important to repair any damage to your relationship as soon as possible. True / False

5. Men and women have different ways of getting their emotional needs met. True / False

6. Good communication prevents many misunderstandings and arguments. True / False

7. It is okay to say ‘no’ to requests for sex with your partner. True / False

8. People can only be emotionally intimate when they feel safe physically and emotionally, and secure in the commitment of their relationship. True / False

9. Money is what most couples argue about most frequently. True / False

10.Arguing is healthy if done properly. True / False

How Did You Do? Be Honest😊


All of these statements are true. What is your Relationship IQ?

10 correct You’re a Relationship Genius!

7-9 correct Your Relationship IQ is Average

6 or bellow Your Relationship IQ is Below Average

Having a Healthy Relationship Starts with You. Give your Best 100% of the time and Forgive 100% this will give you the formula for a happy, successful relationship sooner rather than later.🥰


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