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Women's Energy Balance, 1 fl oz

Women's Energy Balance combines powerful and unique proprietary blend of traditional herbs to promote energy, stamina, mental clarity and an increased resistance to day to day stress.


Women's Energy Balance Includes an impressive array of herbs:


  • Dong Quai Root, (aka Angelica sinensis or “female ginseng”) - used to nurture women's health.  Regulates Hormones, Menopause,  Hormone Replacement; Estrogen Hormone Balance.


  • Ashwagandha Root, used to promote balance of the body's systems and an increased resistance to stress.


  • Damiana Leaf (aka Turnera aphrodisiaca, UrB) Used as an Aphrodisiac, Sexual Rejuvenator to relieve impotency in men and frigidity in women.  Helps restore nerve control of body extremities (arms, hands, legs, feet; head).  Also used as a Stimulant and Laxative.


  • Gotu Kola Leaf (aka Centella asiatica) This impressive herb promotes circulation, a boost in energy, enhanced cognitive function and an increased resistance to daily stress.  Great for Memory, Blood Cleaner, High Blood Pressure, Mental Depression, Reduction of Brain Fatigue, Scaly Skin and Baffling Disorders.


  • Ginkgo Leaf (aka Ginko biloba) used to promote healthy circulation and enhanced cognitive function, including mental sharpness and memory.  Alzheimer's,  helps recovery from stroke, Ringing in the ears, Baffling Disorders and Eats Free Radicals Poisons.  Hypo & Hyper Glycemia.


  • Chaste Tree Berry (aka Vitex agnus-castus)  Menopause, Acts as an Adaptogen, Handles many conditions and provides what's needed during menopause, premenstrual symptoms also quiets sexual desire.


  • American Ginseng Root, commonly used to promote healthy energy, mood and stamina.

Women's Energy Balance Liquid Extract 1oz

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