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🌿 Unlocking Wellness: Detoxify/Cleansing - Nature's Path to Rejuvenation🌱

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, the pursuit of natural living has become increasingly vital. We often find ourselves in need of a holistic cleansing program to rejuvenate our bodies and minds. Whether you're recovering from substance abuse, struggling with weight loss, or simply living in a toxic environment, Detoxify/Cleansing by Natural Living by Design is here to support you on your wellness journey. 🍃✨

The Power of Detoxify/Cleansing:

Detoxify/Cleansing is a meticulously crafted herbal formula designed to facilitate a systemic cleansing of your entire body. Harnessing the wisdom of centuries-old naturopathic medicine, this blend of herbs offers a powerful solution for tackling various toxic conditions. Rather than directly cleansing your blood and tissues, Detoxify/Cleansing stimulates your body's innate detoxification organs, including the liver, urinary tract, skin, lymphatic system, and bowels. 🌱🧹

Benefits of Detoxify/Cleansing:

🌟 1. Blood and Tissue Cleansing:

By enhancing the natural detoxification processes within your body, Detoxify/Cleansing aids in the removal of cellular metabolic waste such as uric acid and lactic acid. This program also targets dietary toxemia and environmental toxins, helping you feel revitalized from the inside out.

🌟 2. Multi-Organ Support:

Detoxify/Cleansing is a synergistic formula that benefits a range of cleansing organs, including the liver, urinary tract, lymphatic system, skin, small and large intestines, blood, and circulation. Each herb in this blend plays a unique role in promoting optimal function and balance within these vital systems.

🌟 3. Improved Digestion:

With herbs that increase bile production from the liver for fat digestion and stimulate HCI production in the stomach for protein digestion, Detoxify/Cleansing aids in reducing metabolic waste generated from incomplete digestion. This natural blend also boosts peristalsis, promoting healthy bowel function. It's not just a laxative; it's a regulator for sluggish bowels.


Detoxify/Cleansing is made with a carefully curated selection of herbs known for their detoxification properties. These include Fresh Burdock Root, Yellow Dock Root, Oregon Grape Root, Fresh Dandelion Root, Red Clover Flowers, Nettles Herb, Red Root, and Fresh Ginger Root. With additional ingredients like Grain Alcohol and Deionized Water, this formula is designed to deliver maximum benefits in each serving, with 30 drops equaling 439 mg or 1 dropperful. 🌿💧

Natural Living by Design's Detoxify/Cleansing is a remarkable product that aligns perfectly with the principles of natural living. Whether you're seeking to recover from substance abuse, embark on a weight loss journey, or simply revitalize your body after exposure to a toxic environment, Detoxify/Cleansing offers a natural, holistic solution. This herbal formula stimulates your body's innate detoxification mechanisms, promoting overall well-being and vitality. Embrace Detoxify/Cleansing as your companion on the path to a healthier, more balanced life. 🌞🌿

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📝About Natural Living by Design

Natural Living by Design Owners 🌱 Supplier🏬 Health & Wellness🍎

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📖Our Story: Living Life Naturally by Design🌱

How many people do you know that have shared a story of health challenges that has changed their quality of life? Well, our family has truly had their share of health challenges, from being active and healthy to bedridden and prescribed a lot of medications. We knew this was not a natural way of living; as a result, we became passionate about using natural products and Natural Living by Design II, was born.

Using natural products and restoring health naturally is our passion and why Natural Living by Design provides quality products that work.

Natural Living by Design II was established in 2019, to help people maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle naturally by providing natural and healthy products that are innovative and will improve one's journey to optimum health.


We are a certified minority female family-owned provider of natural and holistic solutions for maintaining optimal health and wellness. Our company offers a range of carefully selected, high-quality supplements and herbs that are designed to support various aspects of health, such as digestive health, immune system function, energy levels, and more. With a commitment to using only the finest natural ingredients and following strict manufacturing standards, our company is dedicated to helping people achieve and maintain their best possible health, naturally. Whether you're looking to support a specific health need or simply want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, this company provides effective, safe, and natural solutions to help you achieve your goals.


1) Our mission is to empower people to live healthier and happier lives by providing safe, effective, and natural solutions for optimal health and wellness. We are committed to sourcing only the finest natural ingredients, following strict manufacturing standards, and delivering the highest level of customer service. With a passion for helping others, we strive to educate and inspire our customers to make informed decisions about their health and to embrace a holistic approach to wellness."

2) Job creation: By creating job opportunities in the city of Detroit, we as a company can help to reduce unemployment and improve the local economy.

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