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"Unlock the Power of Oregano Oil: Your Natural Antimicrobial Solution 🌿💪"

Are you tired of constantly battling infections and seeking a natural way to bolster your immune system? Look no further than Oregano Oil, a powerhouse in the world of natural living. 🌍

🍃 Oregano Oil: Nature's Antimicrobial Marvel 🍃 When it comes to safeguarding your health, Oregano Oil is a game-changer. This remarkable elixir is a potent natural antimicrobial compound that's perfect for acute use. What's more, it's incredibly safe, making it an excellent addition to your wellness toolkit. Think of Oregano Oil as your trusty sidekick against harmful microbes, working its magic much like tea tree oil, goldenseal, and grapefruit seed extract, all rolled into one powerful solution. 💥🌱

🦠 Microbe Terminator: Oregano Oil vs. Infections 🦠 Unlike immune boosters like Echinacea, Oregano Oil doesn't simply fortify your defenses—it goes on the offensive, targeting and annihilating microbes on contact. Whether you're traveling to exotic locales or find yourself vulnerable to microbial threats, Oregano Oil is your ultimate defense. 🌎✈️

🍞 Bid Farewell to Candida: Oregano Oil's Candida Crusade 🍞 Oregano Oil isn't just about battling common infections. It's also the go-to natural remedy for conquering Candida overgrowth. When dealing with Candida issues, combine it with Digest Ease/Digest-Aid to boost your innate digestive enzymes and reestablish a healthy pH balance in your digestive system. This pH shift makes it nearly impossible for Candida to thrive. 🍽️🦠

🌏 A Traveler's Best Friend: Oregano Oil for Global Explorers 🌏 If your adventures take you to far-flung destinations, Oregano Oil is your trusted companion, especially in third-world countries. It acts as a guardian, preventing parasites (from amoebas to giardia) and unusual bacteria and viruses from gaining a foothold in your body. With Oregano Oil by your side, you can explore with confidence and peace of mind. 🌍🗺️

🐾 A Pet-Friendly Solution: Oregano Oil for Furry Friends 🐾

Did you know that Oregano Oil can also be a lifesaver for your four-legged companions? Add a few drops to your pet's food, and it can help eliminate parasites, keeping your furry friends healthy and happy. It's a natural choice for pet wellness! 🐶🐱

In conclusion, Oregano Oil is not just another wellness product; it's a natural living essential. With its unparalleled antimicrobial power, it's your shield against infections, Candida, and even parasites. Whether you're traveling the world or caring for your pets, Oregano Oil is your ultimate ally in the journey towards holistic health. 🌿💪

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📝About Natural Living by Design

Natural Living by Design Owners 🌱 Supplier🏬 Health & Wellness🍎

Entrepreneurs💻 Leaders📚 Motivational Speakers👩🏽‍🏫

LaKeisha LaGrande Barbara Woodard Alice Smith

📖Our Story: Living Life Naturally by Design🌱

How many people do you know that have shared a story of health challenges that has changed their quality of life? Well, our family has truly had their share of health challenges, from being active and healthy to bedridden and prescribed a lot of medications. We knew this was not a natural way of living; as a result, we became passionate about using natural products and Natural Living by Design II, was born.

Using natural products and restoring health naturally is our passion and why Natural Living by Design provides quality products that work.

Natural Living by Design II was established in 2019, to help people maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle naturally by providing natural and healthy products that are innovative and will improve one's journey to optimum health.


We are a certified minority female family-owned provider of natural and holistic solutions for maintaining optimal health and wellness. Our company offers a range of carefully selected, high-quality supplements and herbs that are designed to support various aspects of health, such as digestive health, immune system function, energy levels, and more. With a commitment to using only the finest natural ingredients and following strict manufacturing standards, our company is dedicated to helping people achieve and maintain their best possible health, naturally. Whether you're looking to support a specific health need or simply want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, this company provides effective, safe, and natural solutions to help you achieve your goals.


1) Our mission is to empower people to live healthier and happier lives by providing safe, effective, and natural solutions for optimal health and wellness. We are committed to sourcing only the finest natural ingredients, following strict manufacturing standards, and delivering the highest level of customer service. With a passion for helping others, we strive to educate and inspire our customers to make informed decisions about their health and to embrace a holistic approach to wellness."

2) Job creation: By creating job opportunities in the city of Detroit, we as a company can help to reduce unemployment and improve the local economy.

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