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Travel Journey to Himalayan Salt Range

Do you know where Himalayan Salt comes from? Are you interested to know about it? Well, I was feeling anxious to share my travel experience. Himalayan Salt is commonly known as Pink salt (because of its pinkish-orange color) is extracted out from the Himalayan Mountain Range in Pakistan — the second-largest salt reserve in the world. These mines are locally called up as Khewra salt mines. It is nearly two hours’ drive from Islamabad (capital of Pakistan). The foothills of the salt range are in the north of Jhelum city. Khewra salt mines are considered the oldest in the salt mining history of the sub-continent.

I always love to travel to different places. One of my friends suggested visiting Khewra salt mines. I was adequately fortunate to visit this fascinating place during my last vacations. These mines are well-known to the explorers and travelers’ dues to its unparalleled beauty and unmatchable health benefits. Khewra salt mines are not just the local but tourist attraction also. Besides this, the Himalayan salt produces a great amount of income.

Khewra Salt Mine — a wonderful and informative place for students to visit. Most local high schools and colleges take educational tours to this place. I had a great time while traveling to Khewra Salt Mines. It was an incredible experience for me. I visited a plethora of places but never saw so many salt-made monuments and things salt before. I was once gifted a salt lamp by my friend, so it was fun to visit where it is made. Obviously, I did my research before going, and the place seemed safe and sound.

Just after getting off from the bus, I was awe-struck laying my eyes on the beauty of these mountains, I was in love with it at the same moment. Certainly, there were two ways to roam inside the mine. I opted for the old-style electric train and saw the entire salt tunnel. Whilst entering the mine, I had a big smile on my face, and I was on edge of my seat witnessing the most breath-taking and mesmeric things crafted from the Himalayan Salt.

The specular bright colors of the salt mines were red and pinkish-orange. Candidly, I never imagined that it would be that much interesting giving visit to these salt mines. The stunning high mountains caught my entire attention at first sight.

Although, it was not cold outside as per the instructions by the tour guide. I wore my warm jacket and sat in my seat. The management had lighted the cave to make it more visible, and let everyone see the vivid and glowing colors of salt and its texture. The management had its tour guide. He kept sharing the history and information about these mines.

He told us that this place was discovered in 326 B.C by the soldiers of Alexander the Great, who fought battle with the King Porus of India. In 1500 A.D, the existence of this place was informed to King Akbar the Great by Asp. Khan. After that, the mining was started at this place. He further informed us that this place was taken by the Sikhs from the Mughals in 1809.

After the British took the rule of sub-continent (now Pakistan and India), the mines were started to be managed by the British. Around the year 1872, the scientific method of mining was introduced by Dr. H. Warth (first chief mining engineer). There is a famous railway bridge known as Victoria Railway Bridge that was constructed by over the river Jhelum, in between the railway junction of Khewra and Malik Wal. It was thought-provoking to know about history.

Saltwater ponds (inside the mine)

Himalayan Salt is considered King of Salts. It is the only purest form of salt that is full of essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and copper. The saltwater ponds captivate tourists. Interestingly, the saltwater is supplied to chemical industries from these mines. These salt mines ponds are lighted by color changing lights that are switched to different combinations of colors; red, blue, green, yellow. These flamboyant lights catch the viewer’s attention by the radiant sight of the saltwater ponds.

Moreover, the room and pillar mining methods are used to extract salt from the mines. The salt available in Khewra is the best known to the world because it is found in three different colors; red, pink, and white. Besides, the colorful and high-quality salt, Khewra is eminent for limestone, lime clay, coal, potash, gypsum, and other minerals. I was amazed to know about this valuable place. After viewing the saltwater ponds, I could not wait to go and appreciate what’s next.

The benefits of Himalayan salt is undeniable and unmatchable with any other salt. It is widely used as cooking salt for the treatment of many diseases, disorders, and allergies. This salt is being used for therapies and as an alternative for other medications. Fascinatingly, these salt mines have an emergency dispensary. These medical rooms are made of salt bricks. moreover, these rooms are designed in this way, that they had a light inside it. These glowing bricks help in healing patients diagnosed with diseases like asthma, bronchitis, COPD, eczema, etc.It brings scenic and holistic vibes. In case of an emergency, the person can be taken to these medical rooms. Moreover, people from far away come to these places and stays there for medication.

Big Hall (refreshment area)

You might have been thinking what’s more inside the salt cave. When I saw the beautiful monuments and statues, I was deeply impressed by the creators. The gleaming salt bricks made the concept more beautiful. I loved these marvelous models. Moreover, there was an ancient canon. Every part was holistically healing for me. I enjoyed every structure made of salt and interestingly, there were some shops inside the cave where I bought a Himalayan salt lamp. Later, I researched and learned more about the healing properties of Himalayan salt.

The thing that touched my heart was the holistic place of praying. They even have a small cupboard inside the small mosque that consists of some religious books of holistic people. Of course, it has to be my favorite part of these wonders of the salt mines.

I would recommend everyone to give a visit to any nearing salt cave or mine. These are both the same in terms of healing a patient with chronic illnesses and disorders. Visiting a salt cave or salt room will improve your physical health and cure you mentally.

Last but not the least, whenever I want to recharge myself, I prefer to go to any nearing salt cave or sit near the Himalayan salt lamp. You must take salt therapy or use these Himalayan salt lamps; I am sure you will not regret it.

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