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The Power 💥of Random Acts of Kindness💝

It’s a curious thing, but if you lead by example, people will always follow you, provided the example you set is honest, true, and has moral value.

We have all had times when we’ve reached out to complete strangers to offer help or assistance, haven’t we?


  • How many times have you held a heavy door🚪open for someone to walk through safely?

  • How many times have you helped someone in the grocery 🏪 store with something that was beyond their reach?

  • How many times have you made a phone ☎️ call for someone or allowed them to use your phone📱 in an emergency?🚨


Most likely, more times than you can easily remember!

What about this:

  • Have you ever helped anyone start their car 🚗or given someone a ride?

  • How about helping a young Mom struggling with a young baby👶 and her stroller?

  • Or helped the old man 👨‍🦯 with a cane get down a flight of stairs?

  • Have you ever picked up some trash🗑️ that was blowing in the wind and put it in a dumpster?


Surely you have. Most people have. It’s just something you do. There is never a reason. Nor do you ever expect any reward for those random acts of kindness. It’s how you were raised. It’s the right thing to do isn’t it? 😇

The world🗺️is changing and changing rapidly. Mostly for the better, but there are also many changes that are neither good nor welcome.

Too many people will never understand that it really is love that makes the world🌎 go around.

What If?

The random acts of kindness that so many people engage in on a daily basis are often opportunities spotted and fulfilled without any conscious thought at all. It’s just what we do.

But what if we applied conscious thought and actively looked for opportunities to help complete strangers?

Would it make a difference in the life of that stranger that you helped? Of course, it would. Someone stepping up to help in their hour of need would be almost heaven-sent.

But what about YOU?

How would you feel? 🤔<