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Himalayan Salt Benefits

🌟 Benefits Of Himalayan Salt and Authentic Himalayan Health Products 🌟

Himalayan salt lamps are all the rage in the world of holistic health and wellness - and for good reason. Himalayan salt lamps provide health benefits without requiring much effort. Let's take a look at some of the holistic health benefits that come with using a Himalayan salt lamp.

Using sole water in the morning is a popular holistic health treatment that can help draw impurities out of cells. Sole water is made by super-saturating a container of water with Himalayan salt, then adding a teaspoon of the super-saturated salt water to a glass of regular water. Drinking this each morning can help the body rid itself of unnecessary substances. 💧🧂

Himalayan salt has many digestive benefits. It can help the mouth release enzymes that aid in breaking down carbs, improving digestion before food even reaches the stomach. The salt can also help regulate blood sugar and ensure the proper movement of fluids in the body. 🍽️

Breathing air infused with Himalayan salt can be helpful for people dealing with respiratory issues. When salty air is inhaled, the salt kills bacteria in the lungs. This can be an excellent treatment for congestion and respiratory problems. 🌬️

If you're searching for help with digestion, respiratory issues, allergies, and more, Himalayan salt and authentic Himalayan health products can improve your health naturally. At Natural Living By Design LLC, we're here to help you with your natural health needs. 🌿


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How many people do you know that have shared a story of health challenges that has changed their quality of life? Well, our family has truly had their share of health challenges, from being active and healthy to bedridden and prescribed a lot of medications. We knew this was not a natural way of living; as a result, we became passionate about using natural products and Natural Living by Design II, was born.

Using natural products and restoring health naturally is our passion and why Natural Living by Design provides quality products that work.

Natural Living by Design II was established in 2019, to help people maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle naturally by providing natural and healthy products that are innovative and will improve one's journey to optimum health.


We are a certified minority female family-owned provider of natural and holistic solutions for maintaining optimal health and wellness. Our company offers a range of carefully selected, high-quality supplements and herbs that are designed to support various aspects of health, such as digestive health, immune system function, energy levels, and more. With a commitment to using only the finest natural ingredients and following strict manufacturing standards, our company is dedicated to helping people achieve and maintain their best possible health, naturally. Whether you're looking to support a specific health need or simply want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, this company provides effective, safe, and natural solutions to help you achieve your goals.

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