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Primary Uses:

Cold/Flu, Cough, Sore Throat, Bacterial Infections, Candida, Mold, Fungus, Chronic Infections of any kind.


Ingredients: Colloidal silver 15ppm, Organic Olive Leaf, Wild Oregano Oil(70% Carvacrol)


Other Ingredients: Deionized Water, Grain Alcohol, Non-GMO Soy Lechithin


Serving Size: 60 drops (2 ml) = 2 dropperfuls



Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Viral


Colloidal Silver is a solution of very fine microscopic ionic and colloidal particles of pure silver suspended in liquid.  What makes colloidal silver unique is that it is capable of killing hundreds of disease causing bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and molds.,  Colloidal Silver works by destroying the enzymes that are in charge of oxygen metabolism in bacteria, viruses and fungus, thus the offending pathogens suffocate and die.  Throughout history, colloidal silver has been used safely as an antibiotic and disinfectant.  Silver foil was routinely used to wrap wounds in order to prevent infection and it was commonly added to drinking water to kill bacteria and algae.


Colloidal Silver Plus is combined with Olive Leaf and Oregano Oil for addes immune power. Olive Leaf is known for its effectiveness in fighting infections and supporting overall immunity.  The key active ingredients of Olive Leaf are the iridoide monoterpenes or oleuropein. It is a powerful anti-microbial for bacteria and viral infections. Oleuropein is converted into elenoic acid in the the body which may prevent viruses and bacteria from replicating.  Oregano Oil is an anti-microbial that has an immediate impact on acute germ inundation. It is a broad spectrum and powerful. Research has found the phenol Carvacrol to be the active compound in Oregano Oil that gives it its powerful ability to kill bacteria, fungus, candida, and parasites.


Colloidal Silver Plus can be used on a daily basis as a preventative against illness, or it can be used once one is ill to support the body and speed healing.  It is also an effective external treatment for sore throats, infected wounds, acne, athletes foot, diaper rash, gum disease, nail fungus, and psoriasis.  It is a great traveling aid, especially when traveling to third world countries.

Colloidal Silver Plus (1oz) Liquid Herbal Extract

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  • Colloidal silver 15ppm, Organic Olive Leaf, Wild Oregano Oil

    (70% Carvacrol)

    Other Ingredients:

    Deionized Water, Grain Alcohol, Non-GMO Soy Lechithin

    Serving Size:  60 drops (2 ml) = 2 dropperfuls

  • 60 drops, 1-2 times per day in water.  Repeat as needed.